Treating Hypertension and Coronary Disease with Small Molecule Water (Drinking)
Lu Jiang (Senior Engineer)

----Western medicine has been introduced into China for a century, and it benefits so many people and brings great medical achievements. Based on it, the middle-aged and old can control blood pressure with hypotensor for avoiding the serious injury in heart, brain and kidney. However, hypotensor cannot remove the root cause of illness, and more artery lactone of the patients is deposited and thickened, as well as the atherosclerosis aggravates gradually; besides, the patient with the advanced disease will suffers from miocardial and cerebral infarctions. Although the blood pressure is normal or even lower sometimes, the artery may also be accompanied with the root cause; when the plaques scale off, or the viscocity of blood fat becomes higher, the erythrocytes aggregate to form thrombosis, which also causes the miocardial and cerebral infarctions. Therefore, the key is how to remove the root cause. It is a pity that there is no perfect medicine for treating in many years. But I gained plentiful and substantial achievement in treating diseases of this kind after clinic practice and research of long term.
----I suffered from hypertension at the age of 50, so I was even anxious with that I would suffer from apoplexy or paralysis in the old age like my father and grandfather although I might take hypotensor for a long time. Fortunately, I was inspired by the research reports in China preclinical medicine after looking up much related materials: man, like other mammals, is likely to reduce blood fat, decrease the blood viscocity and increase the high density lipoprotein in blood; and it is hopeful that the atherosclerosis is removed, and hypertension and coronary disease is cured completely, if man drinks ionized water rich in small molecule. I developed "Zhuokang" Small Molecule Ionized Water after unremitting efforts of many years. This product was send to 3 provincial hospitals for clinical observation of 4 months, and the observation result indicates that the product has favorable medical effects in treating miocardial and cerebral atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipemia and higher viscocity blood. The product can help the patients relieve and remove the symptoms, like chest distress, heartburn, fullness of head, dizziness, insomnia, extremity numbness and coolness, and impaired vision, caused by arteriosclerosis and higher blood fat and pressure. The product can increase the flow of miocardial and cerebral arteries, improve miocardial and cerebral condition and microcirculation, and reduce blood uric acid and blood sugar better. Next, the product was certificated and approved by Beijing and Guangxi medical experts, and the medical values were acknowledged. Additionally, the product obtains approval of medical appliance registration, and patent for invention in China.
----The people is suspicions with the curative effect of the product at the early stage of the promotion, after all, the diseases of these kind belong to the global medical problem, we cannot predict the effect for long-term usage. We issued Product Credit Guarantee Card accompanied with the products and made a promise (refunding for invalidation within 180 days) to the patients suffering from miocardial and cerebral atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipemia and higher viscocity blood, and we selected the feedbacks from the users through "Quality Track and Feedback Card". Our products and service show the responsible attitude and gain long-term effect, which are supported and welcomed by more and more users. In the application practice of over 9 years, the epistle and telephone feedbacks indicate that the product can radically cure hypertension and coronary disease. Until now, over 29 thousand patients are cured. As for the old at the age (60 ~ 80) who take this product, the blood pressure restores to the normal level gradually; as for the patients which the pressure reach 180 ~ 235/110 ~ 130 and the pulse pressure difference is up to 70 ~ 170, the blood pressure can be kept 120 ~ 130/70 ~ 80, and the pulse pressure difference restore to the normal level 35 ~ 45. The aorta and aortic atherosclerosis relive gradually, and the blood vessel retrievs the elasticity. Some old patients has taken hypotensor for over 30 years, but the small molecule water application of less 3 months makes the blood pressure to resore to the normal level; the result indicates that the product improves the biochemical reaction of the body and relieve the arteriolar spasm and shrinkage. 6 moths after the user drinks the product, the biochemical examination indicates that the high density lipoprotein increases to 1.8 ~ 2.62, even 3.24 ~ 3.8. The high density lipoprotein can transport lipidosis on the inside wall of artery, it is praised as "Blood Vessel Cleaner". The amount of high density lipoprotein is increased to make the blood vessels more clean and radically cure hypertension. It is more delectable that some severe patients with coronary disease are cured by drinking this product although they are treated with support arrangement or "bridging operation". Lots of users show their gratitude and praise. At the same time, many users reflect that hyperlipemia and higher viscocity blood of many years are also be cured. Even some deseases like hyperplasia of prostate, chronic gastritis, enteritis, faucitis, cholecystitis and eczema recover without other medicines. (Detailed at
----Many coronary disease patients, at all levels (worker, farmer, retired cadre, high or primary school teacher, professor etc.), reply that their coronary disease and hypertension are cured. For instance, Duan Shenzhi, from Hunan Xiangxiang City, wrote (on November 28, 2005) that his friend Wang Jianqiang, 50 years old, was treated with heart bridging operation in Xiangtan Central Hospital due to coronary occlusion last year, and the operation cost him RMB 69 thousand. After leaving hospital, he took medicines of over 80 yuan cost daily, and higher medical expense depressed them greatly. From April 9, he started to take Zhuokang Small Molecule Ionized Water, the state of illness improved gradually. The feeling of chest and heart distress disappeared after 3 months. The examination after 4 months indicated that the blood fat and sugar restore to normal level. The cardiogram result was better than ever. Now he took only aspirin and the other medicine upon the physician's approval, and the daily medical cost is less than 1 yuan. He wrote to me many times that Zhuokang Small Molecule Ionized Water is so helpful, and it cures the disease and alleviate his economic pressure.
----Hou Sizhong, from Henam Zhumadina, wrote to me on November 26, in 2008: "I suffered from hypertension and coronary disease in 1998, and severe ischemia on cardiac muscle, 85% artery blockage, and frequent angina pectoris in 1997. So I was treated with Heart Bracket Operation. But glomus sack dilatation was taken after two months because the blood vessels at both ends of the bracket were blocked, and the heartache repeatedly attacked me. All expenses reached 86 thousand yuan. From that on, I must go to hospital 3 or 4 time yearly. The torture of the disease left me an idea of commit suicide, and no confidence of living. Before taking Zhuokang Small Molecule Water, may blood indexes are as: blood pressure 200/90 ~ 110mmHg, total cholesterol in blood fat 6.8 - 7.0, triglyceride 2.9, low density lipoprotein 3.94, high density lipoprotein 0.85 - 0.89. 12 in 15 items of blood viscosity and flowage examination are on the high side. Besides the hyperplasia of prostate reached 46×58×30mm, and the sharp attack of bronchitis was suffered when I was a teenager. In March, 2007, I bought two sets of Zhuokang Small Molecule Ionized Water Generator, and insisted on using and drinking enough amount of Small Molecule Ionized Water. The miracle appeared, and the indexes of hospital examination made me optimistical: the blood pressure was kept 120/80; the cardiogram showed normal; the heartache healed up; the items in blood flow examination showed normal; total cholesterol 3.31, triglyceride 0.52, low density lipoprotein 1.36 1.48, high density lipoprotein rose to 3.2 - 3.8, prostate shrunked to 2/3; tracheitis recovered without medicine... Now I am free from diseases, and more confident with life." (Detailed at
----Small molecule water can improve the activity of enzymes in human body, and are helpful to decompose blood fat and reduce blood fat. Many patients replied that they had gained great effect of blood fat reduction. Ma Jiasheng, from Changshu City, wrote to me that: "I had suffered from hyperlipemia for about 20 years, and was treated in many large hospitals. Home-made and imported medicines were tried, and no obvious effect was gained. From February in 2001, I started to drink mall molecule water, and the 5 examinations from September indicated that the indexes of the blood fat were normal. "Qian Guohua wrote to me that "I was examined in March in 2001, and the triglyceride was triglyceride 5.7. At the beginning of the year 2002, I started to drink ionized water. The triglyceride was 3.5 after 3 months, and 1.6 (normal) after 6 months. Now the condition of eating and sleeping is better, and I am free from dizziness and chest distress. "Song Tao, from Guangzhou City, wrote to me on May 19, in 2003 that: "I, 76 years old, suffered from diabetes and -hyperlipemia, and started to drink Zhuokang Ionized Water from September last year. The symptoms gradually disappeared after 3 months." The examination in April this year indicated that the blood fat and sugar index is normal, the triglyceride decreases from 2.26 to 1.53, total cholesterol from 6.4 to 4.39, fasting blood-glucose from 6.1 to 5.9, and blood sugar after meal (2h) from 11.6 to 7.2. The physician told me that I recovered from diabetes completely. At the same time, hyperlipemia and fatty liver also recovered".
----Small molecule water, a well-tried recipe to treat higher viscocity blood, can improve haemorheology index and microcirculation, and relieve and remove related symptoms, which have been verified by clinical observation and the practice of users. One year after drinking small molecule water, Wang Xiurong, a patients from Jilin Baishan City, wrote to me that: "the past blood viscosity tests shoewed higher viscocity blood and erythrocyte aggregation. The rest on September 10 this year showed normal: plasma viscocity 1.59 (normal value 1.26 ~ 1.70), erythrocyte aggregation index 4.78(normal value 3.31 ~ 5.75); and blood viscosity recovered." Jiang Guangzhen, from Yunnan Seismological Bureau, replied that: "90 days after drinking the water, the plasma viscocity and the high-cut whole-blood viscocity became normal; the hypotension rose to 110/70. 180 days after drinking the water, 7 viscocity values including middle-cut and low-cut whole blood viscocity are became normal; the blood pressure ascends to 120/80. My scientific attitude and experience let me know that the small molecule water has great curative effect within half a year." Zhang Renjie, from Changshu City, suffered from coronary disease and hypertension. But the small molecule water cured his coronary disease, hypertension and renal calculus, as well as improved his immunity. He said that the color of his lip changed from purple (oxygen deficient) to red (blood vessel smoothness). Above statement reflected that small molecule water reduces blood viscocity, improves microcirculation and promote the blood vessel smoothness.
Can it cure absolutely? Our credit guarantee card and track and feedback mechanism enable the users to enjoy high quality product and service. Few or no person reflects that the products gains no affect or the diseases recrudesce. The proportion of these cases is less than 1/1000. According to the analysis and survey, these problems are caused by improper diet. On November 28 in 2005, Duan Shenzhi, from Hunan Xiangxiang City, wrote to and asked me: "Mr. He, 61 years old, hypertension 160/100, gained no effect after drinking the water. What reasons do you think? "I replied that he might eat much, but take less movement. The daily heat quantity is surplus, which would balance the transported by lipide deposited in artery. The artery internal resistance is also at original high-level, so the blood pressure cannot decrease. Mr. He was inspired by the letter, and did as I suggested. On April 12 in 2006, Duan wrote to me: "Mr. He read two articles you sent, and suddenly realized that he should be on diet, and not eat too much especially at supper. 2 or 3 months after that, the blood pressure decreased to 140/85. He also said that he did nocturia 4 or 5 times every night. Now the nocturia frequency decreased to twice. This indicates that the prostate problem is relieved better. (Detailed at: This case indicated that the patients should consciously be on diet, and insist on drinking small molecule water, which must solve the hypertension, decrease blood fat viscocity, improve the microcirculation, and cure chronic prostatitis, and hyperplasia of prostate as well.
The successful cases that hypertension and coronary disease are radically cured indicate that: 1) the patients should have proper health ----philosophy and emphasis the limitation of food intake; 2) they should insist on drinking high quality small molecule water. This global medical problem will be solved completely. Some users consult me what is proper appetite. It is taken that 250 ~ 300 g is not enough, because a person can eat 2 or 3 bowls of rice at early in life. Sometimes, the appetite is difficult to be measured or terminated. Some persons have less physical force consumption. If they feel not hungry at meal, this means that the amount of staple food or creophagy of last meal is much. The continuance of this condition will result in new lipidosis in artery, which forms the pathology foundation of atherosclerosis. Therefore, the patients suffering from coronary disease, hyperlipemia and hypertension must realize that the root cause is "eating too much". They should control the heat quantity ingested from food. The principle "eating when being hungry" is hold to control appetite and heat quantity. The people should eat less staple food or creophagy, and have more vegetables and fruits. The patient should insist on taking high quality small molecule water, which will radically cure hypertension and coronary disease within a relatively short time, and make the patient to have good health and a long life.
----Zhuokang Small Molecule Ionized Water Generator, awarded as China Famous Brand, China High Quality Well-Known Product, Consumer Satisfied and Extra Best Brand, 10 Top Influential Brands in China Medical Appliance Sector, is produced by Nanning Zhuokang Medical Appliance Co., Ltd..
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